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Questions and Answers

Medical Malpractice cases require an attorney with special expertise and training.  We recommend that medical malpractice clients ask questions such as the following before hiring and attorney to handle their medical malpractice case.


Does the attorney specialize in medical malpractice cases?  For how many years?

Has the attorney ever tried medical malpractice cases to a jury?  How many?

Has the attorney ever settled any medical malpractice cases?  How many?

Are they members of professional medical malpractice organizations?

Do they regularly attend seminars and read journals to improve their medical-legal skills?

Have they been rated as to competence by Martindale-Hubbell and what is their rating?

Have they personally reviewed thousands of cases in their careers?

Have they ever been appointed by a Circuit Court to act as a plaintiff’s medical malpractice mediator or case evaluator?

Does the State Bar of Michigan regularly refer medical malpractice clients to their office?

Does the Oakland County Bar Association regularly refer medical malpractice clients to their office?

Is the law firm you contacted going to handle the case or merely hand you off to others for a large and unnecessary "brokers" fee?

Are they regularly asked to review medical malpractice cases of other attorneys by the judges of the Michigan Circuit Courts for the purpose of evaluating the merit of those cases and making recommendations for settlement to the court?

Do they have the ability to discuss medical issues with you at a knowledgeable and technically insightful level?

Attorney Malizia can answer positively to all of the above questions.


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